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How It Works

Partnering with Women’s Worth means beginning a conversation that never ends.

The Key Approach

The Key Approach was designed to help you navigate the overwhelming world of personal finance and fit the pieces of your financial life together. Through this four-step process, together we’ll unlock the door to your self-sufficiency, sustainability and success.

Meet, Listen & Discover

The Meet, Listen & Discover conversation is an opportunity for you to share with us your personal circumstances, needs, concerns and goals. We’ll also answer your questions and discuss who we are and how we can work for you.


We’ll take time to analyze your financial picture and will provide you with an overview of your current portfolio and investment strategy or lack of, showing you the good, the bad, and the other. We’ll also provide an overview of financial concepts and vocabulary for those who are not fully versed in the language of finance and investing.

We’ll propose action steps to align your financial realities with your present and future goals and provide you with a Summary of Advice specific to your situation.


Now is the time to merge your money, values, goals and needs with a financial plan and an asset allocation. Like painting, your financial plan begins as a blank canvas. We collaborate with you to build your custom financial or investment plan and put it into place.

Partner Into the Future

The financial portrait of your life will shift as your life transitions and your circumstances change. While you’ll be set with an initial strategy, we’ll continue overseeing and managing your wealth, communicating with you about your progress, and being here as a resource and confidant.

Get Started

If you’re interested in collaborating, the first step is to set up a time for your Meet, Listen & Discover session.

Schedule a Conversation

Schedule Time to Talk